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Iowa's Aging and Disability Resource Center

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Search Instructions

Need help searching for what you need? Here are some helpful tips. If you still need assistance, please give us a call at 866-468-7887.

Search by need:

  • Enter the county in where you would like to search for services.
  • In the Specify Needs area, there is a listing of various needs.  Click the appropriate need. If you need more clarification of the need, please see the "reference definitions" section below.
  • The search works best if you pick one need per search. 
  • Once you have pick your county and need, scroll to the bottom and click the start search button on the bottom left.
  • This will bring up a listing of the providers in that county that provide services for the need you indicated.
  • Click on the providers name to receive full details.
  • If you wish to print the listing, click the Print Page link in the left side navigation with the printer icon.

Search for Provider:

  • Click the first letter of the name of the provider you are searching for.
  • Scroll through the listing for the agency.
  • Page size can change to  50 per page by clicking on the drop down arrow.
  • Click on the number the page to move to the next page.
  • Note: The Key Word does not need to be filled in to complete your search. The filter will, however, bring up providers with the key word or number that you indicate, but it could be anywhere within that providers record. It is not recommended to utilize the Key Word search to narrow your search.

Searching Reference Definitions:

  • To find a listing of definitions click on the Help menu item in the left side navigation.
  • Once you click help more menu items will appear. Click on the Glossary.
  • A Glossary will come up - click on the appropriate letter.
  • Continue searching by clicking on the letters at the top.